Presentation Topics

The counsellors at Christian Counselling Services represent a wide variety of topics within their expertise. Below is a more detailed explanation of the guidance each counsellor can provide on various subjects. These presentations are available in a variety of formats  - workshop, seminar or other speaking engagement - and can be tailor-made to suit specific requests.

Presenter: Heather Tomes

Depression: Shining Light in a Dark World

This workshop explores the roots underlying the seeming epidemic of depression in our society today. A holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of depression is presented along with the latest research developments in the field. Heather equips professionals, friends and loved ones who have a family member with depression, or people grappling with depression personally to find hope and light amidst the dark world of depression.

Healing Past Hurts

Wounds of the past can still affect us today, and can also impact our future if they are not properly healed. So often, we want to "get over" the pain of the past and "move on", pretending it never happened in the first place. But God has a better idea in mind! Each wound from the past forms a scar, and every scar tells a story! God designed our stories to be testimonies of His healing power at work in our lives!

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Fear comes in many forms...perfectionism, people-pleasing, phobias, obsessions, and anxiety. Our spirits, minds, and bodies were not created to live in these chronic states of fear that wear us down over time. Heather provides an overview of the different types of fear and anxiety that can plague us today, and she paves a clear pathway to peace for anyone who is ready and willing to leave their fears behind.

Presenter: Carol Epp

  • Grace & Forgiveness

  • To Love Is A Decision

  • Working Through Anger & Conflict