Practicum Placement

The focus of practicum student training at Christian Counselling Services is to nurture servant-practitioners: that is, practitioners who view professional counselling practice as service.

We accept practicum students who are completing Masters-level training only. As we are a fairly small organization, we often only have availability for one practicum placement per semester. Typically we have a number of applicants and must make decisions based on best fit with organizational needs and available supervisors.

To apply for a practicum placement, please submit the following:

  • A current resume with three current references (one must be a pastoral reference);
  • A cover letter that includes the following:
    • A summary of why you are interested in completing your placement at Christian Counselling Services (the applicant should demonstrate familiarity with our organization and a desire to learn in the context of a professional Christian counselling organization;
    • Potential start and end dates for the placement;
    • Your preferred on-site supervisor, and why (you can review our Counsellor profiles here >
    • And lastly, your career/ministry plans post-Masters.
  • Applications should be marked: Attention - Executive Director

If the applicants' submission is of interest to any of our available supervisors, the applicant will be contacted for an interview as the next step in the overall application process.

Typically, for placements that commence January 1, all application information must be received by August 30, or for placements starting September 1, information must be received by April 30.

Thank you for your interest in completing your training at Christian Counselling Services!